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Mentors form the cornerstone of the Avanti Fellows program. Each Avanti Fellow is assigned a dedicated Avanti Mentor.

Avanti Mentors guide our Fellows throughout their preparation for the IIT-JEE during the Pre-University Stage, and through their years at College (at the IITs or elsewhere). Avanti views mentorship as a lot more than academic advice. Avanti Mentors help our Fellows make crucial career choices, deal with extra-curricular activities and cope with stress.

As an Avanti Mentor, you will have the opportunity to make a significant difference to these students' lives. To apply to our mentorship program, please fill in the short form below. The Avanti Fellows program is currently limited to IIT Bombay. We hope to have over 30 fellows enrolled in our partner institutes in and around Mumbai in 2010. If you have any questions please email info[at]

Working Professionals will be paired with Avanti Fellows currently enrolled at IIT Bombay

Students at IIT Bombay will be paired with Avanti Fellows enrolled in Grade XI who will be starting their JEE preparation in 2011. Unfortunately, we can not accept applications from students enrolled at other colleges at this point.

Dedicated mentors will be expected to devote 2-5 hours a month to the Avanti Fellows program. If you'd like to be involved but can not make a large time commitment, pick >2 hours in the drop box below and we'll sign you on as a Student Advisor. Avanti Fellows will then be able to reach out to for specific guidance on issues related to your field of work either directly or through their mentors.

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