Partner Institutions and Organizations

Avanti Fellows has a wide network of partners, so that Fellows can get coaching and educational support starting from their preparation for the IIT JEE to the end of their time in college.

Avanti Fellows has also partnered with Akanksha, an NGO primarily active in Mumbai and Pune. Akanksha identifies underprivileged school students up to the tenth standard level, and gives them access to top-quality education. Avanti takes this process to the next level - it takes those of the Akanksha students who have aptitude for and interest in top-level engineering education, and facilitates their preparation for the IIT JEE.

At the apex is Avanti Fellows' close relationship with IIT Bombay. IIT Bombay is, in the first phase of Avanti's operations, the source for most Avanti Mentors; it is the Institute where the first Avanti collegiate Fellows will be chosen and mentored, and it is the Institute whose open and friendly student culture and extremely well-structured mentorship programme inspired, in part, the creation of Avanti Fellows.