General FAQs

Q. What does Avanti do?
Avanti Fellows helps underprivileged students study at India's best universities. We provide our fellows (underprivileged students with strong academic potential) with the following:

  • Free JEE coaching
  • A dedicated student mentor during high school to help prepare for the JEE and cope with the pressures of competitive exams
  • Mentors during the student's undergraduate education
  • Access to IIT alumni as advisors who provide career advice and counselling when the student is at an undergraduate institute
Q. Are Avanti's efforts limited to the IITs?
Yes. During the first year's of its existence, Avanti will focus on extending its program across the IITs.

Q. Who is an Avanti Fellow? Where are they selected from?
An Avanti Fellow is a 11th/12th standard student who meets the following criteria
  • He/She comes from a financially disadvantaged background (annual household income <2 lakhs per annum)
  • Has shown aptitude for and interest in a technical education
Avanti Fellows are selected from the following sources:
  • Partner NGOs
  • Government schools
  • Partner coaching classes
  • Online Applications: If you know a student that meets our criteria, please send us an email at

Q. Is Avanti an NGO?
Avanti Fellows is registered as a Charitable Trust. We are a student run not-for-profit organization.

Q. How can I help?
Everyone can help in the following ways:

  • If you know a student who is deserving and lacks the financial means to attend JEE coaching write to us at
  • Join our Facebook fan page by clicking here
  • Follow us on LinkedIn by clicking on this link
Working professionals can sign up to be Student Advisors. Student advisors, act as an additional layer of support for our fellows.

Being a Student Advisor requires a very small time commitment. Advisors will need to spend around 2 hours a month on questions our students have regarding their careers and on coping with undergraduate life. We may also tap into you to talk to our fellows to help broaden their world view and inspire them.

Students at IIT Bombay can sign up as Student Mentors . Student Advisors will be paired with Avanti Fellows enrolled in Grade XI who will be starting their JEE preparation in 2011. Unfortunately, we can not accept applications from students enrolled at other colleges at this point. Dedicated mentors will be expected to devote 2-5 hours a month to the Avanti Fellows program.

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