Partner Institutes and Organizations

IIT Bombay,
Mumbai, India
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Avanti Fellows' close relationship with IIT Bombay has been critical to getting the program off the ground. Avanti fellows was founded by IIT Bombay Alumni and takes inspiration from IIT Bombay's open and friendly student culture and extremely well-structured mentorship programme. As our first partner undergraduate institute, IIT Bombay helps coordinate the recruiting of Avanti Student Mentors and the sourcing of fellowships.

The Akanksha Foundation,
Mumbai, India
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The Akanksha Foundation is a non-profit organization with the vision to one day equip all students with the education, skills and character they need to lead empowered lives. Akanksha works primarily in the field of education, addressing non formal education through the Akanksha centre and also formal education through the Akanksha Schools.

High potential students at Akanksha's schools, interested in pursuing careers in engineering are given the opportunity to be Avanti Fellows. Avanti fellows are provided with financial aid, coaching and mentorship starting in Grade X.

IITians PACE ,
Mumbai, India
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IITians PACE is the premier JEE coaching class in Mumbai. Founded in 1999, PACE has repeatedly produced top ranking students at the IIT JEE, AIEE and other national competitive exams. PACE provides Avanti Fellows with free coaching and books and has been a key partner in conceptualizing and executing the Avanti Fellows program for high school students.