Insight-The third eye
Volume XII


A. Featured video

With PPTs on in full swing, and the impending resume submissions, listen to what an alumnus has to say.

Resume tips - Sai

B. Internships Blog

For an in-depth, comprehensive idea of what an internship in your preferred field actually entails, visit our blog.

C. Placement Doubts?

If you have questions about the placement process, drop us an email at, and we'll clear them at the earliest.

D. GJ Magazine

To download a softcopy of the commemorative Golden Jubilee Magazine, click here.

E. Questech

In this placement special edition, find useful puzzles and riddles with their solutions here.



Alumni Speak

Alumni Speak is a section where we get distinguished alumni of the Institute to talk about things that can benefit the current students of IITB.

December 6: Arvind Iyengar writes on India's favourite sport - cricket. In his article, he lists the top ten ODI openers of all time. Read the article here.

November 27: Krishna Ramkumar and Nishant Patni talk about off-beat plans for the December vacation, and show you ways to maximize your enjoyment of your holidays. Read the article here.

November 26: Siddarth Madhav analyzes the game of Texas hold 'em poker, and shows how it is a game of skill and quick calculations, rather than a game of chance. Read the article here.

November 18: We kick off Alumni Speak with the Placement Special. In the Placement Special, we will answer your doubts about anything related to the placement process. Just send in your question/doubt to, and we will get the alumni who write these articles to answer it for you. We will put up the answers to the questions every week.

In the first article of the Placement Special, Akshay Saxena, editor of InsIghT in 2004-05 and currently a Senior Associate with the Boston Consulting Group, talks about how to choose your first job. The article is a must read for all those who aren't really sure what kind of job to take up. Find the article here.