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Volume XII


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With PPTs on in full swing, and the impending resume submissions, listen to what an alumnus has to say.

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Campus Reporter: winning entries

Campus Reporter – an introduction

Campus Reporter or CR is the competition that allows everyone on this campus to be a reporter and what’s more, get paid for it! The rules are simple. Whenever you see anything newsworthy happening on the campus- it may be an innovative GC event, or a summary of Surbahar, a Nobel laureate’s lecture that you attended, or a Bhavani workers’ strike. As long as it’s news, snap a picture and write it up to earn prizes every fortnight.

Cartoonists too will have plenty of scope, since the most innovative cartoon strip of the fortnight will win a special prize.

Detailed Rules and Regulations follow:-

1. Articles must be about news; no pieces about personal experiences or opinions of any sort will be entertained. However, opinions of people related to the event as organizers or spectators may be collected and reproduced as quotations or statistics. This does not however hold for cartoon strips, as long as they’re funny.

2. Every entry must be spell and grammar checked before submission.

3. Profanity/ abusive language of any sort is not allowed and will lead to immediate disqualification.

4. Judging criteria: Entries will be judged for both inventiveness of presentation and actual content.

5. Written entries must be in .doc or .docx format and must not exceed 400 words + relevant photograph(s) of event.

Cartoon entries must be in .jpg format. If they are photograph(s) of a hand-drawn cartoon, please ensure that the photo is high enough resolution for every detail to be clearly distinguishable.

6. All entries must be mailed as an attachment to In addition to the article attachment, kindly mention your Name, Roll number and Mobile number.

7. Every two weeks, cash prizes for the top two best written articles of Rs 350 each and a cash prize of Rs 300 for the best cartoon will be awarded.

8. InsIghT retains the right to freely edit your work and publish it- on the website, Bulletin Boards and/or in the print issue.

9. All facts stated in CR articles will be assumed correct and reprinted as such, with the writer’s name at the bottom. InsIghT will not claim responsibility for incorrect facts.