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Bridging the Gap - PG video

January 21 , 2008

In the sixth episode of the InsIghT Show, InsIghT talks to the PG representatives of the Institute to find out more about the PG life, clear up misconceptions and bridge the gap between UGs and PGs. This is a multi-episode show; each question is a separate video.

We thank Rahul Bhat (PG nominee, Sports), Vijay Venu (PG nominee, Academic Affairs) and Himanshu Jain (PG nominee, Cultural) for giving us the opportunity to shoot this video.

Episode 1: Can you tell us how your experience at IITB was different from your experience in your UG colleges?

Episode 2: Why did you choose IITB?

Episode 3: What, in your opinion, are the main differences between PGs and UGs?

Episode 4: In certain clubs, UGs and PGs do have equal participation. What are these people doing right?

Episode 5: Do you think UGs and PGs should have separate hostels?

Episode 6: As an extension, how do you think PGs should be distributed among the different hostels?

Episode 7: Are you satisfied with the representation of PGs at the Institute level?

Episode 8: What is the typical day of a PG like?

Episode 9: What is the PG attitude towards jobs and placements?

Episode 10: Misconception 1: do you study all the time?

Episode 11: How nocturnal are you? Do you have as many 'night-outs' as UGs do?

Episode 12: What is the dark side of being a PG student?

Episode 13: Any other things that make you different from UGs?

Episode 14: Concluding messages


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